Commandaria Saint Nicholas Limited Edition 2008


This wine pays tribute to the company’s trajectory on its 175th anniversary, since its creation in 1844 until today.
The 2008 vintage, as well as some other vintages, was selected and left to age longer to analyze its evolution over time and discover its potential. This wine was selected for its singularity and quality characteristics, and so this limited edition was created.

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Within the batch of this AOC Commandaria 2008, those barrels that show the required quality in terms of their tasting and analytical parameters have been selected for blending, considering keeping the best quality possible to the detriment of the quantity. In this matter the production of this wine is limited with approximately 1130 bottles.

Making this tribute wine we wanted to recover the way of doing of our predecessors, those Commandaria pioneers, for which we have reduced to the minimum the intervention on this wine with the idea of ​​showing a purer wine and thus respecting its unique character.

No refining products have been used to clarify this wine. Neither this wine has been filtered before bottling and the total sulfur content is very low or residual.

Technical information

Grape Varietals: 60% Mavro, 40% Xynisteri

Winemaking: the grapes are dried in the sun for approximately 15 days, then the pressed juice is fermented with the natural yeast flora. The wine obtained is fortified to 15% alcohol and transferred to oak barrels. The wine is matured for 10 years in barrels. No additions of enological products. Unfiltered.


Color: Deep tawny color, nutty brown with greeninsh rims.

Nose: dried apricots and raisins, dried nuts, vanilla, caramel, roasted coffee beans and truffles aroma

Palate: tasty and creamy with a dens feeling along the palate due its natural sugar content. Good acidity that balances the sweetness. Long, persistent with an extraordinary aromatic complexity in the aftertaste.

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