Haggipavlu Estate Maratheftiko 2019


Tasting Notes

Intense dark cherry color. Fruity aromas of blueberries, blackcurrant and hints of violets in balance with the toasted aromas from the oak, toasted walnuts and cocoa. In the mouth shows a very well balanced mouthfeel, being fullbodied with sweet and rounded tannins. It has a pleasant silky texture that runs along the palate and a long aftertaste.
Awarded with Gold Medal and decorated with Special Distinction by the Cyprus Wine Competition 2019.

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Production: 3.800 bottles


This wine is made from selected grapes of Maratheftiko, endemic variety of Cyprus.
Old vineyards in rain-fed cultivation composed by different small parcels located around Afames mountain, privately owned vineyards. Altitude about 800 meters. Low production yield that gives very concentrated fruits.

This ancestral variety is known for having a rare and special difficulty in its cultivation: the plant lacks viable hermaphrodite flowers and therefore fruit-set is compromised, needing pollen from other vines in the near environment and resulting often in clusters of berries with very irregular maturation.

The appropriate cultivation techniques and the influence of our particular terroir offer us well balanced and mature fruits, with which we can show the great potential of this variety when making this wine: fruit-forward aromatic profile (wild forest berries, violet flower, rose, dark chocolate…), intense and rich mouthfeel with certain finesse and elegance in the palate.


The harvest takes place around mid of October. This is usually late but in this way we get a more complete maturation, wich translates into a greater intensity of the fruity aromas of ripe fruits and a more round, balanced and sweet tannic structure, giving to the wine the warm Mediterranean character, from which it comes.

The grapes undergo a rigorous selection by hand, and about the 40% of the whole quantity is destemmed by hand grape by grape. The fermentation takes place into oak barrels disposed vertically and deprived of the head from above. In this way we can have a greater control on the pomace hat and the maceration/fermentation process.

Finally the wine is maturing in oak barrels during one year, using new french oak barrels and used barrels with the aim to keep the balance between the fruit and the oak influence.

In order to preserve its quality no refining or clarifying is carried out, just a fine filtration is done prior to bottling.

Barrel fermented and aged for 12 months in barrels combining new and used oak.

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