Haggipavlu Estate Xynisteri 2019


Tasting notes

Sight: Pale yellow with green glints, clean and bright.

Nose: fresh and fruity aroma: pear, citrus, hints of the tropical fruit cherimoya, and fennel.

Mouth: Rich density and creamy texture along the palate. Medium level of acidity and balanced. Tasty and aromatic in the aftertaste with certain saltiness at the finish.

To be served at 9-10 C
Food Pairing:
Deli products like dried ham, fresh greek cheeses like feta or anari. Sea food dishes: Frutti di mare pasta, vongole or seafood paella. Roasted fish or fish in papillote.

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Annual Production: 35.000 bottles


This is a single varietal wine made from Xynisteri grape, endemic variety of Cyprus.

The vineyards are located in the area of Omodos, a picturesque village dedicated to the wine production for millennia with a strong ancient tradition. The vines grown on the slopes of south Troodos mountain range with an altitude that goes from 750 to 900 m. The location, the climatic and soil conditions, together with the nature of this extraordinary variety make up our particular and unique terroir. It is surprising how this variety, selected for years by farmers and adapted to extreme conditions of heat and drought in rocky limestone and poor soils, is capable of slowly maturing, strongly resisting to drought stress and providing regular, abundant and high quality crops with those that we can make fine wines. We can say that Xynisteri from this particular area develops aromas on the side of pip fruits: pear, green apple; citrus fruit; fennel, and white flowers like honeysuckle ocitrici jasmine. Also it is characterized by offering intense wines with a good structure and density in the mouthfeel that make it rich and tasty.

All the vineyards used to make this wine are owned or controlled by us.

Rainfed vineyards that give low yield production, around 7000 Kg/ha average, that makes more concentrated fruits giving more aromatic intensity and bigger mouthfeel.

Harvest: late September


After the destemming and crushing the grapes have a short maceration during a couple of hours.

Fermentation at low temperature.

Ageing with the fine lees until bottling, for a minimum of 3 months.

Stabilization and Sterilized filtration.


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